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Alfio S. Grillo

Faculty of Engineering
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Born on September 13, 1977 in Catania, Italy. He graduated, received his Masters and Ph.D. at the University of Catania.

Research Interest

Modelling  Replication  Dynamics  of  Hepatitis  C  Virus  in  3D  Space, Environmental Science: Density‐Driven Flow in Porous Media, Environmental  Science:  Fractured  Porous  Media


  • Grillo,  A.,  Logashenko, D.,  Stichel,  S., Wittum,  G.  (2012).  Forchheimer  correction in modelling  flow  and transport in fractured porous media. Computing and Visualization in Science.

  • Reiter,  S.,  Logashenko,  D.,  Grillo,  A.,  Wittum,  G.  (2012).  Preparation  of  grids  for  simulations  of  groundwater flow in fractured porous media.

  • Grillo,  A.,  Tomic,  A.,  Wittum,  G.,  Federico,  S.  (2013).  Remodelling  in  statistically  oriented  fibre‐ reinforced materials and Biological Tissues. 

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