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Assistant Professor
Institute of Biology and Ecology
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


In the Laboratory of the Center for conservation of biodiversity of land and fishery in open water at the Institute of Biology and Ecology of the Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac, she is engaged in scientific-research work in the field of hydrobiology and water protection, ecology, bioindication and biomonitoring and environmental protection. A special aspect of the research is research in the field of conservation of biodiversity of groundwater, primarily macroeconomics, with the active use of relational databases.

Research Interest



  • Petrović A. , Milosevic Dj., Paunović M., Simić S., Djordević N., Stojković M., Simić V. (2015). New data on distribution and ecology of larvae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) of Serbia (Central part of the Balkan Peninsula). Turkish Journal of Zoology, 39 (2): 195-209. (ISSN 1300-0179, IF2015 - 0.880)

  • Simić V., Maguire I., Rajković M., Petrović A. (2015). Conservation Strategy for the Endangered crayfish species of the family Astacidae: the ESHIPPOcrayfish model. Hydrobiologia, 760 (1): 1-13. (ISSN 0018-8158, IF2014 - 2.275)

  • Simić VM, Simić SB, Paunović MM, Radojković N., Petrović A. , Talevski T., Milosević Dj. D. (2016). The Alburnus benthopelagic fish species of the Western Balkan Peninsula: An assessment of their sustainable use. Science of the Total Environment, 540: 410-417. (ISSN 0048-9697, IF2014 - 4.099)

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