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Danijela Cvetković

Researcher associate
Institute of Biology and Ecology
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 He is working as research associate at the Institute of BIology and ecology, University of Kragujevac, Serbia.

Research Interest

Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology of Cancer, Neoangiogenesis Elecorpation, Phytotherapy, Individualization of Therapy, Oxidative Stress, Research in the Field of Electromagnetic Field, Apoptosis


  • Ćurčić MG, Stanković MS, Cvetković DM , Maksimović V, Šmit B, Pavlović R, Marković S. The molecular mechanisms of apoptosis induced by Allium flavum L. and synergistic effects with new-synthesized Pd (II) complex on colon cancer cells. Journal of Food Biochemistry. 2015

  • Filipovic ND, Djukic TR, Radovic MD, Cvetkovic DM , Curcic MG, Markovic SD, Peulic AS, Jeremic BM. Electromagnetic field investigation on different cancer cell lines. Cancer Cell International. 2014; 14:84 ISSN: 1475-2867 IF 2.766

  • Ćurčić MG, Stanković MS, Mrkalić EM, Matović ZD, Banković DD, Cvetković DM , Đačić DS and Marković SD. Antiproliferative and Proapoptotic Activities of Methanolic Extracts from Ligustrum vulgare L. as an Individual Treatment and in Combination with Palladium Complex. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2012; 13: 2521-2534. doi: 10.3390 / ijms13022521.

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