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Dejan Vujičić

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dejan Vujičić was born on October 26, 1988 in Čačak. He finished elementary school in the Vichi village of Vichi as the carrier of the Vuk's diploma. He finished high school of natural and mathematical direction in Čačak, also as the holder of the Vuk's diploma. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in Cacak in 2007, in the direction of Computer Technique. The study ends in 2011, with an average grade of 9.58, as a student of a generation. In the same year, he enrolled at the Master's degree at the Technical Faculty in Cacak, in the field of Computer Engineering. He completed his Master studies in 2012 with an average grade of 10.00. Master work titled "Localization of Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks", under the leadership of prof. Dr. Siniša Ranđić, defended the grade 10. After that, in 2013, he enrolled in Master studies at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Master's degree was completed in 2016 with an average grade of 9.50. Master work titled "Application of sensors with nine degrees of freedom for determining the position of the telescope", under the leadership of Dr. Bojan Novaković and Dr. Rada Pavlović, defended the grade 10 and obtained the title master astronomer. He completed his doctoral studies in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Technology, module in 2014 at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak.

Research Interest

Computer technology


  • D. Jagodić, D. Vujičić , S. Ranđić, " Android system for identification of objects based on QR code ", in Proceedings of the 23rd Telecommunication Forum TELFOR 2015, pp. 922-925, Belgrade, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-5090-0054-8

  • U. Pešović, D. Vujičić , J. Anđelić, S. Ranđić, " An approach to the realization of protocol architecture in wireless sensor networks ", in Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "UNITECH 2014", pp. II / 154-II / 157, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2014, ISSN: 1313-230X

  • M. Stojilović, D. Vujičić , L. Saranovac, " Graph-based approaches for application mapping onto CGRAs ", in Proceedings of INFOTEH-Jahorina, Vol. 12, pp. 17-21, Jahorina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2013, ISBN: 978-99955-763-1-8

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