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Dragan Cetenović

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dragan Cetenovic was born on September 13, 1988 in Uzice. Elementary school and Gymnasium "Venijamin Marinković" finished in Ivanjica in 2007. During his primary and secondary education, he received numerous awards and recognitions. The Faculty of Technical Sciences (today Faculty of Technical Sciences) in Čačak entered in 2007, the direction of Electrical Engineering, module Elektroenergetika. He completed his basic academic studies in 2011, defending his thesis entitled "Software Package EPLAN in Designing and Analyzing Low-voltage Electrical Installations" with a score of 10. The winner of the "Aleksandar Avramović" award for the best graduate student of the generation in the direction of Elektroenergetika, with an average grade of 9, 16 during the course. Upon completion of his basic studies, he enrolled in Master's degree studies at the same faculty, in the direction of Electrical and Computer Engineering, module Elektroenergetika, which ends in 2013 by defending master's thesis entitled "Impact of Distributed Generators on Relay Protection in the Medium-Voltage Distribution Network", with grade 10 and average grade during study 10.00. During the studies, on several occasions, he was awarded scholarships by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and the Municipality of Ivanjica. After completing his basic academic studies, he was engaged at the Faculty of Technical Sciences as an expert associate at the Department of Electric Power Engineering. In February 2014, he was selected as a teaching assistant at the same Chair. He is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak, in the direction of Electrical and Computer Engineering, module Elektroenergetika.

Research Interest

Electric Power


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  • A. Ranković, D. Ćetenović , "Modeling of photovoltaic modules using a gray-box neural network approach", Thermal Science , Vol. ??, No. ??, pp. ?? - ??, DOI: 10.2298 / TSCI160322023R , 2017.

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