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Dragan Rakić

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Born 28.06.1979. in Jagodina, Serbia. He graduated, received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac.

Research Interest

Applied mechanics, Applied informatics and computer engineering


  • Milan Blagojević, Dragan Rakić, Marko Topalović, Miroslav Živković, Optical coordinate measurements of parts and assemblies in automotive industry, Tehnički vjesnik - Tehnical Gazette, Vol.23, No.5, pp. 1541-1546, ISSN 1330-3651, Doi 10.17559 / TV-20130918160442, 2016

  • Dusan Arsic, Milan Djordjevic, Jelena Zivkovic, Aleksandar Sedmak, Srbislav Aleksandrovic, Vukic Lazic, Dragan Rakic, Experimental-Numerical Study of Tensile Strength of High-Strength Steel S690QL at Elevated Temperatures, Vol.48, No.5 , pp. 687-695, ISSN 0039-2316

  • Radovan Petrović, Miroslav Živković, Wang Zheng Rong, Dragan Rakić, Radovan Slavković, Influence of air content entrenched in a fluid of a vane pump with double effect operating parameters, Technical Bulletin-Technical Gazette, Vol.21, No.2, pp. 401-407, ISSN 1330-3651, 2014

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