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Dragana Gnjatović

Hotel Management and Tourism
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Basic academic studies: Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, graduated in 1978. Master's Studies: Center for Slavic and Eastern European Studies, ND. University of Florida, Talagasi, USA, Master's Degree in 1979. Doctor of Science: Faculty of Economics Un. in Belgrade, doctoral in 1984. Movement in employment: Economic Institute Belgrade 1979-1993. Police academy in Belgrade 1993-2003. Faculty of Geoekonomics, Belgrade 2003-2009. Faculty of Public Administration and Administration, Belgrade, 2009-2012. Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism in V. Banji, 2012- Highest scientific title, Scientific Advisor, 2000.

Research Interest

Basics of economy, National economy, History of economic thought, Macroeconomics, Economic history


  • Gnjatović, D. (2015). Principality of Serbia on the Road to European Monetary Standards, Banking, 44 (2): 12-33, Assosiation of Serbian Banks UDK 336.741.237.2 (497.11) "1868"; 336.746 (497.11) "1815/1882", ISSN 1451-4354

  • Gnjatović, D. (2015). Borrowing of the International Monetary Fund during the Global Financial and Economic Crisis, Banking, 44 (4): 40-61, Assosiation of Serbian Banks UDC 339.732.4; 339,727.2; 338.124.4 (100), ISSN 1451-4354

  • Gnjatović, D. (2016). Macroeconomic Porspects in the Banking Industry, Banking, 45 (2): 104-113, Assosiation of Serbian Banks UDK 336.71; 330.101.541 ISSN 1451-4354 doi: 10.5937 / banking1602104G

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