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Dragica Knezevic

Associate Professor
Institute of Physics
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dr Dragica Knezevic (Babic) was born in Knin, where she finished elementary school and grammar school. She completed her PhD studies at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Belgrade. She completed her postgraduate studies at the same faculty by defending her master's thesis in Physics of Ionized Gases. She defended her doctoral dissertation in the field of Physics of Condensed state of matter at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade. She is employed at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Kragujevac since 1977. In the first part of her scientific career she worked in the field of Physics of ionized gases, and in the second part she deals with the Physics of Condensed State of Matter. She has published more than thirty scientific and professional papers, of which more than 15 are in top world magazines. He is a participant in projects funded by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia since 1977, and now works on the project "Superconductivity, magnetism and fluctuations". He is a participant in more than twenty international and domestic scientific conferences. She spent four years in scientific training in PARIS (FRANCE) in the period 1981-1985, where she dealt with atomic and molecular spectroscopy as well as plasma physics. She is active in the Physics Society of Serbia, especially in the section promoting women's physics in our country and abroad (she participates in the work of the international organization "Working group women in physics").

Research Interest

Collisions of electrons with atoms and molecules. Statistical physics of polymer. Statistical physics of random-motion models in non-homogeneous environments. Percolation theory.


  • D. Knežević, M. Knežević and S. Milošević, Critical behavior of a interacting polymer chain in a porous model system: Exact results for truncated simplex lattices, Phys. Rev. B, 45 (1992) 574-585

  • D. Knežević, M. Knežević and S. Milošević, Competition between self-attraction and adsorption in branched polymers located on a fractal lattice, J. Phys. A: Math.Gen. 26 (1993) 2277-2284

  • D. Knežević and M. Knežević, A transfer-matrix study of directed lattice animals and directed percolation on a square lattice, J. Phys. A: Math. and Theoretical, 49, 11 (2016)

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