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Drago M. Milosevic

University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Postgraduate studies in psychopathology entered the Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun in 1985, where in 1990 defended his master's thesis entitled spread nj unity virus line h astog mosaic potatoes in some varieties and hybrids of potatoes in the fields d ju Gu h e . PhD thesis entitled Epidemiology of viruses of potatoes in different h itim locations Serbia and I 'll accuracy prevention č ava nj and nj ihovog w ire him and defended in 1995 at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad.

Research Interest



  • Todorovi æ M ., Stoiljkovi ht B ., Milo Å¡ evi ć D ., Baba ht S ., (1996): Effect of organic and mineral fertilizers to the composition of the microflora and its representation in the humus-siliceous soil. Contemporary Agriculture 45 (3-4): 121-125

  • This W and æ M ., The cross and ht B rank , Obradov and ht Ivana , M and lo w s and ht D ., (1990) ELISA method detects common epitopes of viral antigens. Plant Protection 41 (2) No.192: 165-172

  • MiloÅ¡ević D. (2008): Phytopathology - Practicum. Faculty of Agriculture, ÄŒačak.

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