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Dusko L. Brković

Assistant Professor
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


On November 24, 1994, he graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the General Biology Group and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Specialized studies were enrolled at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Kragujevac in 1996 at the Department of Microbiology. He passed all exams envisaged by the curriculum for the group with an average grade of 9.25 and defended the specialist work under the title "Optimization of the method for eliminating mud pollutants on the line of the crust". At the same faculty, he defended his master's thesis on May 15, 2007 under the title "Antibacterial properties of aromatic and medicinal plants from the Apiaceae family" , and obtained the title of Master of Biological Sciences. Doctoral dissertation titled "Vascular flora of mountain-mountainous region of northwestern Serbia and Sumadija-ecological-phytogeographic study" was defended on April 21, 2015 at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade.

Research Interest



  • Drago Milosevic, Nikola Bokan, Dusko Brkovic, Milan Pavlovic, Gordana Sekularac, Milena Djuric: Effect of CaCO3 on the content macro and micro elements in soil type pseudogley Rev. Chim. *Bucharest) 67: No5, 2016

  • Milena Đurić, DuškoBrković, Drago Milošević, Milan Pavlović, Srećko Ćurčić: Chemical Characterisation of the Fruit of Black Chokeberry Grown on Different Types of Soil. Rev. Chim. *Bucharest) 66: No 2, 2015; ISSN 0034 - 7752, pp. 178-182.

  • Duško L. Brković, Gordana M. Tomović, Marjan S. Niketić, Dmitar V. Lakušić: Diversityanalisys of serpentine and non-serpentine flora – or, is serpentinite inhabited by smaller number of species compared to different rock types?Biologia 70 (1):, 2015; ISSN 1336-9563, pp. 61-74

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