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Goran S. Markovic

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University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of General Biology, enrolled in the school year 1977/1978. years. Graduated on January 11, 1982. year, with an average grade of 9.12. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Biology, Belgrade, in 1988/89, in the direction of Ecology of Animals. He received a master's degree in 1993 from the master thesis titled Tempo of growth of some representatives of the Cyprinidae family in the West Morava River. He received his doctorate at the Faculty of Biology in Belgrade in 2002 with the topic Comparative studies of the most important ecological features of the species Leuciscus cephalus L. of the West Morava River and the accumulation of Međuvršje, whereby he obtained an academic title of Doctor of Biology.

Research Interest



  • V.Djikanović, G. Marković, S.Skorić (2013): New records of Neogobius fluviatilis (Pallas, 1814) (Gobiidae)in the Danube river basin (Serbia). Archives of Biological Science Belgrade, 65(4), 1469-1472, ISSN 0354-4664 (M23).

  • J.Lujić, D.Kostić, O.Bjelić-Čabrilo, E.Popović, B.Miljanović, Z.Marinović, G.Marković (2013): Ichthyofauna Composition and Population Parameters of Fish Species from the Special Nature Reserve “Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski Rit” (Vojvodina, Serbia). Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 13, 665-673., ISSN 1303-2712 (M23).

  • Goran Marković, Vesna Đikanović, Stefan Skorić, Jelena Lujić, Zoran Marinović (2013): New members of Zapadna Morava river Ichtiofauna (Serbia). Natura Montenegrina, 12(2), 295- 303, ISSN 1800-7155.

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