Engineering Experts

Gordana Jovičić

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro

Gordana Jovičić


Born 18.03.1967. in Cacak, Serbia. Graduated, master and doctorate at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac.

Research Interest

Applied mechanics


  • Arso M Vukicevic, Gordana R Jovicic, Miroslav M Stojadinovic, Rade I Prelevic, Nenad D Filipovic, Evolutionary assembled neural networks for making medical decisions with minimal regret: Application for predicting advanced bladder cancer outcome., Expert Systems With Applications, Vol.41, No.18, pp. 8092–8100, ISSN 0957-4174, 2014

  • Jovicic G.R., Nikolic R, Zivkovic M. M., Milovanovic D. M., Jovicic N. M., Maksimovic S. M., Djordjevic J.,, An estimation of the high-pressure pipe residual life, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Vol.13, No.1, pp. 36-44, ISSN 1644-9665, 2013

  • Jovičić Gordana, Živković Miroslav, Snežana Vulović, Calculus mechanics of fracture and fatigue, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Br. page: 253, ISBN 978-86-86663-65-8, Kragujevac, 2011

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