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Ivan Radojevic

Scientific associate
Institute of Biology and Ecology
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dr. Ivana Radojević has been successfully engaged in scientific research in the field of microbiology since 2003 at the Institute of Biology and Ecology of PMF in Kragujevac. Successfully applies techniques and methods of microbiological work, as well as information technology tools and techniques that enable contemporary and original interpretation of microbiological data, as well as predictions in the framework of data mining methods.

Research Interest

Restoration and protection of aquatic ecosystems, Basics of biostatistics with bioinformatics


  • Stefanovic N., Radojevic ID , Ostojic AM, Comic Lj.R., Topuzovic MD. Composite Web Information System for Water Resources Management, Water Resources Management, 2015, 29 (7): 2285-2301. IF 2.600

  • Grujić S, Radojevic I. , Vasic S., Comic Lj, Topuzovic M. Antimicrobial and antibiophylm activities of secondary metabolites of Vinca minor L. Applied biochemistry and microbiology. 2015, 51,5: 572-578. IF 0.735,

  • Potočňák I, Vranec P, Farkasová V, Sabolová D, Vataščinová M, Kudláčova J, Radojević I. , Čomić L, Marković B, Volarević V, Arsenijevic N, Trifunović S. Low-dimensional compounds containing bioactive ligands. Part VI: Synthesis, structures, in vitro DNA binding, antibacterial and anticancer properties of first-order transition metal complexes with 5-chloro-quinolin-8-ol. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2016, 154: 67-77. IF 3.444,

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