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Jasmina Obradovic

Research Associate
Institute of Biology and Ecology
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 He is working as research associate at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia.

Research Interest

Biology of the cell


  • Jasmina Obradovic , Vladimir Jurisic. Evaluation of current methods to detect mutations of the epidermal growth factor receptor in non-small cell lung cancer patients. Multidiscip Respir Med. 2012; 7 (1): 52. doi: 10.1186 / 2049-6958-7-52; ISSN: 1828-695X

  • Jasmina Obradovic , Vladimir Jurisic, Natasa Tosic, Jasminka Mrdjanovic, Branislav Perin, Sonja Pavlovic, Natasa Djordjevic. Optimization of PCR conditions for the amplification of GC-rich EGFR promoter sequence. JCLA 2013; 27 (6): 487-493. doi: 10.1002 / jcla.21632; ISSN: 0887-8013;

  • Jasmina Obradovic , Natasa Djordjevic, Natasa Tosic, Jasminka Mrdjanovic, Biljana Stankovic, Jelena Stanic, Bojan Zarić, Branislav Perin, Sonja Pavlovic, Vladimir Jurisic. Frequencies of EGFR single nucleotide polymorphisms in non-small cell lung cancer patients and healthy individuals in the Republic of Serbia: a preliminary study. Tumor Biology; 2016, pp. 1-8. (In press) doi 10.1007 / s13277-016-4930-4; ISSN: 1010-4283

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