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Jelena Katanic

Research Associate
Institute of Chemistry
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 She is serving as research associate of chemistry at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia.

Research Interest

Chemistry of natural products, Biochemistry, Oxidative stress and antioxidants, Medical chemistry, Pharmacology, Biologically active secondary metabolites of medicinal plants.


  • J. Katanić, V. Mihailović, S. Matić, V. Stanković, N. Stanković, T. Boroja, M. Mladenović, S. Stanić, S. Kreft, M. Mihailović, The ameliorating effect of Filipendula hexapetal extracts on hepatorenal toxicity of cisplatin, Journal of Functional Foods, 18 (2015), 198-212.

  • V. Mihailović, J. Katanić, D. Mišić, V. Stanković, M. Mihailović, A. Uskoković, J. Arambašić, S. Solujić, M. Mladenović, N. Stanković, Hepatoprotective effects of secoiridoids-rich extracts from Gentiana cruciata L. against carbon tetrachloride induced liver damage in rats, Food & Function 5 (2014), 1795-1803.

  • R. Ceylan, J. Katanić, G. Zengin, S. Matić, A. Aktumsek, T. Boroja, S. Stanić, V. Mihailović, GO Guler, M. Boga, MA Yılmaz, Chemical and Biological Fingerprints of Two Fabaceae species (Cytisopsis dorycniifolia and Ebenus hirsuta): Are they Novel Sources of Natural Agents for Pharmaceutical and Food Formulations ?, Industrial Crops and Products 84 (2016), 254-262.

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