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Jelena Vujic

Assistant Professor
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


She graduated from Primary School with Vuk's degree in Kragujevac. After the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, natural-mathematical direction, 2002. She was enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Kragujevac, the study group Chemistry, general direction. Graduated on October 27, 2006. year with an average score of 9.37. Doctoral studies at the Institute of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science in Kragujevac, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, entered the school year 2006/07. years. PhD thesis entitled "Synthesis, characterization and potential cytotoxicity of O , O ' - dialkyl ( S , S ) -etilendiamin- N , N ' -di-2- (4-methyl) pentanoate, and the corresponding palladium (II), platinum (II) and Platinum (IV) complex "was defended on September 14, 2012.Faculty of Agriculture in Cacak, University of Kragujevac, from 07.10.2008. - today.

Research Interest



  • Jelena M. Vujić, Goran N. Kaluđerović, Tatjana P. Stanojković, Jadranka A. Antić and Srećko R. Trifunović, In vitro Antitumoral Activity of Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Complexes with O,O'-Dialkyl Esters of Ethylene-bis(S)-Leucine, Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 11 (2014) 387-394; ISSN: 1570-1808

  • Vladimir S. Kurćubić, Pavle Z. Mašković, Jelena M. Vujić, Danijela V. Vranić, Slavica M. Vesković-Moračanin, Đorđe G. Okanović, Slobodan V. Lilić, Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Kitaibelia vitifolia extract as alternative to the added nitrite in fermented dry sausage, Meat Science, (2014); ISSN: 0309-1740

  • Vladimir S. Kurćubić, Jelena M. Vujić, Mirela D. Iličić, Danijela Vranić, Slavica M. Vesković-Moračanin, Pavle Z. Mašković, Effect of plant extracts Kitaibelia vitifolia on antioxidant activity, chemical characteristics, microbiological status and sensory properties of Pirotski kachkaval cheese, Hem. Ind. (2014); ISSN:0367-598X; DOI:10.2298/HEMIND140129025K

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