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Jovan Bogojeski

Assistant Professor
Institute of Chemistry
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro



Research Interest

Transition metal complexes; Kinetics and mechanism of substitution reactions; Biological activity of the transition metal complex


  • Zidadin D. Bugarčić, Jovana Bogojeski , Rudi van Eldik, Kinetics, mechanism and equilibrium studies on the substitution reactions of Pd (II) in reference to Pt (II) complexes with bio-molecules Coordination Chemistry Review , 2015, 292 , 91.

  • Jovana Bogojeski , Jeroen Volbeda, Matthias Freytag, Matthias Tamm, Živadin D. Bugarčić Palladium (II) complexes with high basic imidazolin-2-imines and their reactivity towards small bio-molecules Dalton Transaction , 2015, 44 , 17346

  • Jovana Bogojeski , Jeroen Volbeda, Živadin D. Bugarčić, Matthias Freytag, Matthias Tamm, Platinum (II) complexes with hybrid amine-imidazolin-2-imine ligands and their reactivity toward bio-molecules, New Journal of Chemistry , 2016, 40 , 4818

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