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Leka G. Mandic

University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


He finished elementary school in Radoinja (municipality of Nova Varopš), and gymnasium of natural mathematical direction in Priboj. He graduated from the Agronomy Faculty in Cacak in 1988 with an average grade of 9.14. He graduated from postgraduate studies in 1991/92. year at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, direction of the Land and Plant Nutrition, group Microbiology. Master's thesis entitled " Influence of different pesticides on soil microbial activity in nursery production of apples ," in 02 December 1994 under the mentorship of prof. Dr Mitra Govedarice. Doctoral dissertation on " Microbial activity and productivity smonitza corn in the conditions of applying different fertilizers"he defended on March 21, 2002, at the Faculty of Agriculture in Cacak, under the leadership of Prof. Dr Dragutin A. Djukic.Since the beginning of his working career (15 February 1991), he has been employed at the Faculty of Agriculture in Cacak, where he still works.

Research Interest



  • Djukic D., Veskovic-Moracanin S., Mandic L., Atanasković J.(2014): Microbiological quality of noncarbonated nonalcoholic beverages during their shelf life. Journal of Higienic Engineering and Desing, Vol. 6: 130-136.

  • Stanojković-Sebić A., Đukić D., Mandić L., Pivić R., Stanojković A., Josić D. (2014): Mineral and Bacterial Fertilisation Effect on the Number of Fungi in Soil Under Winter Wheat and the Yield of Wheat. Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, Vol.15, No 3, 983-990.

  • Djukic D., Milorad Radovic M., Mandic L., Veskovic-Moracanin S. (2014): Effect of sourdough on the fermentation of dough pieces and quality of bread made with rye flour. Acta Periodica Tehnologica, 45: 11-22. DOI: 10.2298/ATP1445011D

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