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Marina Kostić

Scientific associate
Institute of Chemistry
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 She is working as research associate at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia. 

Research Interest

Organic chemistry, Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, Organocellaneous chemistry, Kinetics and mechanism of organocellaneous reactions


  • ZM Bugarcic, VM Divac, MD Kostić, N. Ž. Janković, FW Hainemann, NS Radulović, ZZ Stojanović-Radić, Synthesis, crystal and solution structures and antimicrobial screening of palladium (II) complexes with 2- (phenylselanylmethyl) oxolane and 2- (phenylselanylmethyl) oxane as ligands, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 143 (2015) 9-19.

  • MD Kostić, VM Divac, R. Puchta, ZM Bugarčić, Kinetic and mechanistic insight into Lewis base and acid-mediated phenylseleno etherification of 2,6-dimethyl-hept-5-en-2-ol, Structural Chemistry 26 (2015) 915- 922.

  • ZM Bugarcic, MD Kostic, VM Divac, Stereo and Regioselective Synthesis of Cyclic Ethers by Means of Organoselenium-Mediated Cyclization of Unsaturated Alcohols, Current Organic Chemistry 20 (2016) 777-797.

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