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Chemistry Experts

Matovic Zoran

Institute of Chemistry
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 Currently he is working as professor at Institute of Chemistry in University of Kragujevac.

Research Interest

Bionic chemistry of the palladium complex (II), copper (II), rhodium (III) and ruthenium (II) with oxalic acid and malonic acid diamide derivatives, N, S-heterocycles and polyaminopolycarboxylate type ligands. Testing system stability in solution. Interactions with biologically significant molecules. Biological testing of the complexes in vivo and in vitro conditions. Computer chemistry: quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics


  • Srećko R. Trifunović, Vesna D. Miletić, Verica V. Jevtić, Auke Meetsma and Zoran D. Matović Nickel (II) and chelate N2O2 environment. DFT approach and in-depth molecular orbital and configurational analysis, Dalton Transactions , 42 , 13357-13368 (2013)

  • Zoran D. Matović , Vesna D. Miletić, Marina Ćendić, Auke Meetsma, Petra J. van Koningsbruggen, Robert J. Deeth Synthetic, Crystallographic and Computational Study of Copper (II) Complexes of Ethylenediaminetetracarboxylate Ligands, Inorganic Chemistry , 52 (3) , 1238-1247 (2013)

  • Emina M. Mrkalic, Ratomir M. Jelic, Olivera R. Klisurićc and Zoran D. Matović Synthesis of novel palladium (II) complexes with oxalic acid diamide derivatives and their interaction with nucleosides and proteins. Structural, solution, and computational study, Dalton Transactions , 43 , 15126-15137 (2014)

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