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Milena R. Đurić

University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


She finished elementary school and high school in Čačak. School 1978/79. She enrolled at the Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak and graduated in 1983. She completed her post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in Sarajevo in 1987, and she finished with an average grade of 9.75. The master thesis entitled "The influence of the weight and weight of the legumes Medicago sativa L., Trifolium pratense L. and Lotus corn iculatus L. on their seed quality" was successfully defended on April 26, 1990. The doctoral dissertation titled "The influence of Ca on mobile Alu soil, synthesis of biomass and concentration of elements in wheat" was publicly defended on March 16, 1998 at the Faculty of Agriculture - Srpsko Sarajevo Milena R. After graduating from the Faculty, Đurić worked as a teacher with a professional exam for teaching in the school, at the secondary school "Ljubo Milic" in Požega. At the Agronomy Faculty in Cacak, the University of Kragujevac, she has been employed since March 1, 1985 to the present day.

Research Interest



  • Paunović, G., Djurić Milena, Kulina M., Veljković, B., Kojović, R., Krsmanović, M. (2012): Morfološke karakteristike genotipova divlje kruške (Pyrus communis L.) iz autohtone populacije. Zbornik naučnih radova XXVII. Savetovanja "Unapredjenje proizvodnje voća i groždja", Djurić, N. (ed), Vol. 18, br. 5, str. 25-33, 27. јul, ISSN 0354-1320, Beograd, Srbija: Institut PKB Agroekonomik, Beograd.

  • Pavlović, R., Mladenović, J., Zdravković, J., Djurić Milena, Aćamović- Djoković, G., Zdravković, M. (2012): Effect of Lyophilization on changes in the mechanical and chemical composition of broccoli inflorescences. Savremena poljoprivreda, Vol. 61, vanredni broj, стр. 119-123, ISSN 0350- 1205, Novi Sad.

  • Aćamović-Djoković, G., Pavlović, R., Mladenović, J., Djurić Milena (2011): Vitamin C content of different types of lettuce varieties. Acta Agriculturae Serbica, Vol. XVI , No. 32, pp. 83-89, YU ISSN 0354-9542, Čačak

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