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Miloš Matic

Institute of Biology and Ecology
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


М. Matic was born on April 21, 1984 in Kragujevac. Primary school he finished in Kragujevac. Beginning of the Molecular studies Biology and Physiology at the Faculty of Biology in Belgrade. Studies completed in 2010. Graduation under the title "Influence of tumor fibroblasts on the mobility of colon cancer cells". He worked in a cell biology laboratory at the Kiri Institute, Paris,France. He enrolled in school year 2010/2011. In the year of Doctoral Academic Studies in Biology, direction Animal and Human Physiology and Molecular Biology on the Natural- Faculty of mathematics, University of Kragujevac. All exams envisaged by teaching by program and plan, with an average score of 10.00. January 19, 2011 the research title of trainee researchers and engaged in a scientific project Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. As a teaching assistant, he is engaged in performing practical classes in the school year 2011/2012. year. May 15, 2013 elected is also in the position and position of assistant, for the narrow scientific field Physiology of animals and Human and Molecular Biology, Institute of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of mathematics in Kragujevac. Performs practical lessons from compulsory and Elective subjects at the Basic and Master Academic Studies of Biology and Ecology. М. Matić is successfully engaged in scientific research in Laboratory for Experimental Physiology, Institute of Biology and Ecology Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Kragujevac, where he mastered contemporary biochemical and molecular biological techniques.

Research Interest

Human trophoblastic, neuropeptide Y, cancer cell lines, migration, oxidative stress


  • Mladenović M. Jelena, Paunović G. Milica, Matić M. Miloš , Knežević S. Veroljub, Ognjanović I. Branka, Štajn Š. Andraš, Saičić S. Zorica (2014): Copper-induced changes in lipid peroxidation and hemato-biochemical parameters in rat blood: protective role of flavonoids. Archives of Biological Sciences, Belgrade, 66, 3, 1271-1279. ISSN: 0354-4664; IF2012 - 0.791

  • Mladenović M. Jelena, Ognjanović I. Branka, Djordjević Z. Natasa, Matić M. Miloš , Knežević Veroljub, Štajn Š. Andraš, Saičić S. Zorica (2014): Protective effects of oestradiol against cadmium-induced changes in blood parameters and oxidative damage in rats. Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, 65, 37-46. ISSN: 0004-1254; IF2014 - 0.932

  • Prokić D. Marko, Paunović G. Milica, Matić M. Miloš , Djordjević Z. Natasa, Ognjanović I. Branka, Štajn Š. Andraš, Saičić S. Zorica (2015): Effect of aspartame on biochemical and oxidative stress parameters in rat blood. Archives of Biological Sciences, Belgrade, 67, 2, 535-545. ISSN: 0354-4664; IF2014 - 0.718

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