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Miroslav Radojičić

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


From the beginning of 1980, he cooperated with the PTF as an assistant apprentice working in Fabrica until September 1985 when, after a defended doctorate, he moved to the Pedagogical Technical Faculty in Cacak as an assistant in permanent employment. After selecting for the assistant professor in 1986, he holds classes from the Labor and Management Organization. Since 1991 he has been appointed as an associate professor, and in 1998 he was elected as a full professor. The head of the Department of Industrial Management. In addition to teaching at the Technical Faculty, regular and postgraduate studies, Dr. M. Radojičić also teaches at other higher education institutions, and also participates in the realization of numerous lectures and seminars in the field of Organization and Management, as well as the application of operational research in industry. He participated in expert meetings in the country and abroad and published more than 140 scientific papers in domestic and foreign symposiums, journals and monographs. He also particularly engaged in the establishment of a new direction for the education of graduate engineers for industrial management. Since 1991, Deputy Editor in the magazine Tehnika, separated "Organization of Work" / "Management".

Research Interest

Management and Operations Research


  • Ralic Z., Radojicic M., Nesic Z., Milanovic DD, Milanovic D. Lj, Development of a model for the optimization of the central heating system selection, Technics Technologies Education Management - TTEM, (2011), Vol. 6 No. 2, pp.432-437

  • Vesic Vasovic J, Radojicic M, Klarin M, Spasojevic-Brkic VK, Multi-criteria approach to the optimization of the enterprise production program, Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Part B - Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2011, Vol.225 No.10 , pp.1951-1963.

  • Nesic Z., Radojicic M. , Zizovic M., Some considerations of a critically dependent problem in multi-criteria decision making, Technics Technologies Education Management - TTEM, Vol. 5., No. 4, 2010, pp.792-798.

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