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Nedeljko Dučić

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


He was born on August 3, 1986. in Priboj where he finished elementary and secondary Mechanical - Electrical Engineering School. Upon completion of high school in 2005, he enrolled at the Technical Faculty in Cacak. At the fourth year of the undergraduate studies she became a scholar of the Fund for Young Talents of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Primary studies end in 2009, achieving an average grade of 8.85 (eight and 85/100) during the course of the studies and a grade of 10 (ten) at the graduation exam. After graduation, in 2009 he enrolled in Master studies, the direction of Mechatronics, at the Technical Faculty. Master work titled "Application of oscillation theory in the isolation of vibrations of technological systems" was defended on 14.09.2010. graduating with a master engineer of Mechatronics, with an average grade of 9.43 (nine and 43/100) during the master studies and 10 (ten) grades in defense of master work. In October 2010. He enrolls doctoral studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš, direction of Mechatronics and systems management. Doctoral studies successfully completed on 22nd February 2017. Defense of the doctoral dissertation titled "Intelligent management, modeling and optimization of the casting process", obtaining the title Doctor of Science - Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interest

Production technology


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  • ĆojbaÅ¡ić, D. Petković, S. Shamshirband, CW Tongc, S. Chc, P. Јанковић, Н. Ducic , J. Baralić, Surface roughness prediction by an extreme learning machine constructed with abrasive jet water , Precision Engineering (ISSN 0141-6359, M21), 2016, Vol. 43, pp. 86-92

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