Engineering Experts

Nenad Petrović

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Born on February 13, 1989. in Kragujevac, Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac.

Research Interest

Mechanical constructions and mechanization


  • Nenad KOSTIC, Milos MATEJIC, Nenad PETROVIC, Mirko BLAGOJEVIC, Nenad MARJANOVIC, Optimization of the geometric values ​​of heat receivers of solar energy by heuristic optimization methods, kgh (Air Conditioning heating cooling), Vol.46, No.2, pp. 145-148, ISSN 0350-1426, Doi, 2017

  • Stojanović B., Veličković S., Vencl A., Babić M., Petrović N., Miladinović S., Cherkezova-Zheleva Z., Optimization and prediction of aluminum composite wear using Taguchi design and artificial neural network, TRIBOLOGICAL JOURNAL BULTRIB, Vol .6, No.6, pp. 38-45, ISSN 1313-9878, 2016

  • N. Marjanović, N. Костић, Н. Petrović, M. Matejić, M. Blagojević, GENETIC ALGORITHM PARAMETER CONTROL FOR ACHIEVING BETTER OPTIMIZATION PERFORMANCE, ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara - International Journal of Engineering, Vol.14, No.1, pp. 239-242, ISSN 1584-2665, 2016

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