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Olgica Stefanovic

Assistant Professor
Institute of Biology and Ecology
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 She is working as assistant professor of biology at the Institute of Kragujevac, Serbia.

Research Interest

Testing antibacterial and antibiophylm activities of biologically active substances. Testing mechanisms for the action of biologically active substances. Examination of the synergistic effect.


  • Licina B, Stefanovic O. , Vasic S, Radojevic I, Dekic M, Chomic Lj. (2013). Biological activities of the extracts of wild Origanum vulgare L. Food control , 33: 498-504.

  • Stefanović O. , Radojević I, Čomić Lj. (2015). Synthetic cinnamates as potential antimicrobial agents. Chemical industry , 69 (1): 37-42.

  • Stefanovic O. , Tesic J., Comic Lj. (2015). Melilotus albus and Dorycnium herbaceum extracts as a source of phenolic compounds and their antimicrobial, antibiofilm and anti-oxidant potentials. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis , 23, 3: 417-424.

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