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Radomir Slavković

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dr. Radomir V. Slavkovic, full professor at the Technical Faculty in Cacak, was born on October 4, 1952, in the village of Rti, the municipality of Lučani, father of Vladimir and mother Stojanka. He studied elementary school in Rtima and Guca, and finished his technical school in Čačak in 1971, with great success, as a generation of students. In 1971/72, he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, where he graduated in 1976 on a production group with a grade of 10 (ten) and an average grade during the course of the 8.78 study. After graduating, he was employed at the Guca Industrial Combine in Guca, where he was a scholarship holder. Magisterial studies at the postgraduate school in the group for production engineering and the application of computers and subgroups of production techniques, he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 1983, defending the master thesis "Identification of dynamic behavior of a processing system for deep drilling", and the doctoral dissertation titled "Attachment to the problem installation of machine tools "was defended at the same faculty in 1993. In his many years of work in the Guca Industrial Combine in Guca and within the cooperation of the Institute for Machine Tools and Tools (later Lola Institute), Belgrade and the Industrial Combine "Guca", he participated in the development, management and realization of a number of significant projects, In the Guca Industrial Combine in Guca, the leading engineer, director of the Livnica plant, director of the development and technical affairs department and technical director of the company, was at the positions. He won the award of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, "Republic Day" for 1987, for the achieved results in the improvement of the economy. At the Technical Faculty in Cacak, he was elected as assistant professor in 1994 for the subject of Production machinery and numerical control of machines, and in February 2000 he was elected as an associate professor for courses in Program Management and Machine Management and Process Management. In February 2005, he was elected as a full professor at the Technical Faculty in Cacak, for a wider scientific field of Production Technology.

Research Interest

Mechanical engineering technology


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