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Slobodan Đukić

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dr Slobodan Djukic, full professor, Born on July 29, 1950 in the village of Cikote, Loznica municipality, Republic of Serbia, father Radisa and mother Milojka. He finished elementary school in Draginc, and high school in Loznica. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade finished in 1974. In 1993, he defended his master's thesis entitled "Determination of the Signal / Noise Relationship in Optical Detection of Distant Objectives" at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. He defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Contributions analysis and realization of analog circuits with current processing" in 1999 at the Faculty of Technology in Cacak. After finishing his regular studies, he worked at the Institute of Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation "Mihajlo Pupin" in Belgrade, where he spent five years as an investigator. At the end of 1979, he moved to Cacak in the factory of plant products "Sloboda-FNP" to the position of a leading engineer. He moved to the Faculty of Technology in Cacak in 1993 as an assistant. After defending his doctoral dissertation, he was selected as assistant professor in electronics, and at the end of 2009 he was elected as a full professor of electronics.

Research Interest

Electrotechnics and Electronics


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