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Sonja Milutinović

Hotel Management and Tourism
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


 Since 2013 she is working as assistant at the faculty of hotel and tourism, University of Kargujevac, Serbia.

Research Interest

International hotel industry and tourism, Tourism management, International economy


  • Dimitrovski, D., Milutinovic, S. (2014) The Place and Role of Tourism in the Economy of Serbia, HIT Management, Year II (I), pp. 57-64. (UDK 005: 338.48 ISSN 2334-8267)

  • Milutinović, S. (2015) Importance of intra-industrial trade in the modern world economy, Economics theory and practice, no. 1, pp. 35-46. (UDC: 339.5: 338.45 ISSN 2217-5458)

  • Milutinović, S. (2015) Convergence of Income and Economic Integration: Evidence from the European Union, Megatrend Review, Vol. 12 (3), pp. 127-140. (UDC 330.55 (4-672EU), ISSN 1820-3159)

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