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Srećko Ćurčić

Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Dr. Srećko Ćurčić, B.Sc. ing., was born on 14 October 1962 in the village of Presek, Ivanjica municipality. He finished elementary school in his native town, and a technical school in Čačak. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Production Engineering finished in Belgrade (1982-1987), with an average grade of 9.00. He graduated from the Technical Faculty in Cacak in 1996, in the field of Production Technologies on the topic "Exploring calibration methods for high-resistance mining chains", p. 130. Čačak, 1996. He defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac in 2001 on the subject: "Reengineering of automatic production lines in the metal processing industry from the aspect of productivity, flexibility and product quality", p.206. Kragujevac, 2000. After finishing his studies, he is employed at FRA-Cacak, where he works on the construction and technology of special tools, as well as on maintenance of production equipment. He graduated at the Faculty of Technology in Cacak in 1989, where he was selected as an assistant-trainee for a group of subjects in Priozvodno mašinstvo. Srećko Ćurčić as an assistant trainee, and later as an assistant, performed all kinds of exercises from the group of subjects: Production Engineering, Machinery and Processes with NU, Machine Tools, Engineering-Economic Analysis, Production Systems and Processes, and Production Technologies. In the last elective peroid in the title of assistant professor, he delivered lectures from the subject: Logistics Systems, Automated Production Lines and New Production Technologies. Also, Dr. Srecko Curcic has a wealth of experience in the field of engineering, from engineers in the plant, constructors and technologists. It has an exceptional sense of cooperation with the economy in finding and solving everyday, routine, developmental and strategic problems. Dr. Srećko Ćurčić has a rich twenty-two years of experience gained through conscientious and regular exercises and lectures from subjects: Machines and processes with NU, Machine tools, Engineering-economic analysis, Production systems and processes, Production technologies, Logistic systems, Automated production lines and New production technologies. In the last election period, he was teaching as an associate professor in the following subjects: Logistics, Logistic Systems, Automated Production Lines, New Production Technologies, Engineering Economic Analysis and Production and Information Systems. Dr. Srecko Curcic is intensively engaged in scientific research in the field of logistics and manufacturing technologies. In the current work, Dr. Srećko Ćurčić has published over 120 scientific and professional papers so far, of which seven papers have been published in international scientific journals from the SCI list, co-author of three monographs, author of two university textbooks, author or co-author in domestic scientific journals , and published other works in the proceedings of international and national scientific meetings. Dr. Srećko Ćurčić, managed a project and produced four studies of the technological project. He is currently engaged in two projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia and is also the author or co-author of 5 technical solutions. Dr. Srećko Ćurčić was the mentor of two master thesis, mentor of five master work, and in addition he was a member of four commissions for the defense of master thesis. He has also been mentor over 50 graduate papers, and has participated in defense committees over 40 graduate papers.

Research Interest

Logistics and Production Technologies


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