Physics Experts

Violeta Petrović

Associate Professor
Institute of Physics
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro



Research Interest

Ionization atomic processes


  • Tatjana B. Miladinovic, Violeta M. Petrović , Behavior of the relativistic angular and energy distributions of atoms exposed to a strong and low-frequency circularly polarized laser field, Chinese Optics Letters , 13, no. 7, 070005- 4 (2015);

  • Tatjana B. Miladinovic, Violeta M. Petrović , Laser field ionization rates in the barrier-suppression regime, Journal of Russian Laser Research , 36, no. 4, 312-379 (2015);

  • Violeta M. Petrović , Tatjana B. Miladinović, Photoelectrons of angular energy distributions from a laser-ionized argon atom, Romanian Journal of Physics , 60, no. 9-10, 1450-1461 (2015);

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