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Vladimir Mićić

Faculty of Economics
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Born in 1977 in Uzice. He finished elementary school and high school in Ivanjica. Married, the father of two children. Employed at the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac since 2002. He graduated in 2002 on the topic "Just in time as a modern concept of production and stock management", at the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac. He defended the master thesis in 2008 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac, under the title "Adapting the development of industry and industrial policy of Serbia to the industrial policy of the European Union". He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2011 at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Kragujevac under the title "Competitiveness of Serbia as a premise of its efficient development". In the title of assistant-trainee she was elected in 2002, and assistant, in 2008. In 2011, he was elected Assistant Professor in the Economics of Industrial Economics and was elected as an Associate Professor in Economics of Industry. He also holds lectures from the field of Economic Development, and also held from the subject of Industrial and Agricultural Management. Except in Kragujevac, he participated in teaching at the departments of the Faculty in Novi Pazar and Vrnjacka Banja. In addition to regular studies, he is also engaged in master studies, in Economics of Growth and Development, as well as at doctoral studies, on Theory and Economic Development. It studies in more detail the issues related to the development of industry, industrial policy, economic development and competitiveness. He is the co-author of the Economics of Industry. The author and co-author of more than 70 scientific and professional papers from these fields. He published the results of his scientific research work at scientific meetings and published in magazines in the country and abroad. As a researcher, he participated in the project "Creation and maintenance of a stimulating work environment in higher education" 2013-2014. year, the Research Institute of International Education from Brussels. He participated in TEMPUS project "Rationalization of the postgraduate studies in Business Management and Economics in Serbia", JEP CD 41146-2006. He took part in the development of the study "Investigation of the behavior of users of rental services for graveyards and the construction and installation of tombstones in the territory of the City of Kragujevac, with a special emphasis on users of JKP Gradska groblja Kragujevac", 2010, Commission for the Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia. He is Chairman of the Commission for Basic and Master Academic Studies and the Head of the Study Program Economics. President of the Trade Union Organization of the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac. He is a member of the Scientific Society of Economists of Serbia. He is a member of the Economist Society of Kragujevac. Member of the Working Group of the National Convention on the European Union for Chapter 20 Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy.

Research Interest

Economic development, The economy of growth and development, Business cycle theory and economic growth

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