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Zoran Srzentic

Assistant Professor
Hotel Management and Tourism
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro

Zoran Srzentic


Current Position: Specialist Surgeon, Head of the Department of Surgical Diseases in the Public Health Institute General Hospital in Bar since 1999, Director of Public Health Institute General Hospital in Bar since 2003, Member of the State Parliament of Montenegro, Member of the Committee on Health, Labor and Social Welfare - Parliament of Montenegro , Member of the Committee for Tourism, Agriculture, Ecology and Spatial Planning - Parliament of Montenegro, docent at the University of Kragujevac.

Research Interest



  • Radosavljevic G, Ljujic B, Jovanovic I, Srzentic Z, Pavlovic S, Zdravkovic N, Milovanovic M, Bankovic D, Knezevic M, Acimovic LJ, Arsenijevic N. "Interleukin-17 may be a valuable serum tumor marker in patients with colorectal carcinoma" Neoplasm, 2010, pp. 135-144

  • Z.Srzentić, D.Tomanović, P.Stanišić, J.Ivović, M.Karanikić, N.Zejnilović, S.Ličina, S.Dragaš «Lishtenstein Technique - Experience and Results», «Proceedings of the Summary of Works», Niška Banja, 2005 , pp. 46

  • Z.Srzentić, D.Tomanović, J.Ivović, M.Karanikić, P.Stanišić, I.Karišik, S.Ličina, S.Dragaš, N.Zejnilović, M.Knežević, N.Đurišić, S.Vučetić, B. Popović, R.Dragaš «Solution of recurrent hernia at the surgical department in the period from 1999 to 2010», 2nd Congress of Herniologists of Serbia, Niška Banja, 2010, pp. 21.

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