Microbiology Experts

Mark Pearson

Research Fellow
Centre for Biodiscovery and Molecular Development of Therapeutics
James Cook University


In 2009, Mark was granted an NHMRC training fellowship to study how molecules in parasite secretions and on the parasite surface influence the host-parasite relationship with a view to develop anti-worm vaccines and novel therapies for autoimmune disorders. Mid-way through 2011 Mark completed part of this work at the Institute of Infection and Immunology Research at the University of Edinburgh and is now continuing this research at James Cook University

Research Interest

Mark’s major research focus involves looking at the functions of proteins from human parasites (specifically helminths, or worms) and how these molecules interact with the host immune system.I am particularly interested in understanding these processes in the context of developing vaccines against parasites of third world populations and finding novel therapies for autoimmune disorders such as asthma.

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