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Cheryl Lian Pei Ling

Assistant Professor
Health and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore


PhD in Medical Physics University of Wollongong Masters in Medical Radiation Physics with Distinction University of Wollongong Postgraduate Diploma in Education National Institute of Education Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with Honours National University of Singapore

Research Interest

Health and Social Sciences, Medical Physics


  • C.P.L. Lian, J.H.D. Wong, A. Young, D. Cutajar, M. Petasecca, M.L.F. Lerch, A.B. Rosenfeld, “Measurement of Multi-Slice Computed Tomography Dose Profile with the Dose Magnifying Glass (DMG) and the MOSkin Radiation Dosimeter”, Radiation Measurements, vol 55, pages 51-55 (2013).

  • Nathan Kenneth Thorpe, Dean Cutajar, Cheryl Lian, Mark Pitney, Daniel Friedman, Vladimir Perevertaylo, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, “A comparison of entrance skin dose delivered by clinical angiographic C-Arms using the real-time dosimeter: the MOSkin”, Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine, pages 1-8 (2016).

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