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Debabrata Biswas

National University of Singapore,
Microbiology department
National university of Singapore


Debabrata Biswas completed his PhD in the field of Cell Biology while working on Arsenic Toxicity in blood. He shifted his interest to the study of pathogen biology and infectious disease during his Post-doctoral study at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He joined the laboratory of Prof Emanuel Hanski, working on the mechanism of pathophysiology of group A streptococcal soft tissue infection. His present work in Microbiology department of National University of Singapore deals with bacterial virulence factors and various strategies that might be designed against the disease based on the mechanism of actions of these factors. He is currently investigating molecules in the host inflammatory and immune signaling cascade that might act as the potential targets of the bacterial serine protease ScpC, which is a major virulence factor in soft tissue infections.

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