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Rui T

Associate Professor
National University of Singapore


Doctor of Philosophy, Biophysics Harvard University Bachelor of Applied and Engineering Physics Cornell University

Research Interest

Mathematical modelling of biological systems Bioinformatics Systems Biology  


  • Cheow, L. F., Courtois, E. T., Tan, Y., Viswanathan, R., Xing, Q., Tan, R. Z., Tan, Daniel S. W., Robson, P., Loh, Y.H., Stephen R Quake, S.R., & Burkholder, W. F. (2016). Single-cell multimodal profiling reveals cellular epigenetic heterogeneity. Nature Methods, 13, 833–836

  • Tan, R. Z., Lai, T., & Chiam, K. H. (2017). The role of apical contractility in determining cell morphology in multilayered epithelial sheets and tubes. Physical Biology, 14(4).

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