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Rui Zhen

Associate Professor
National University of Singapore


Doctor of Philosophy, Biophysics Harvard University Bachelor of Applied and Engineering Physics Cornell University

Research Interest

Mathematical modelling of biological systems Bioinformatics Systems Biology  


  • Cheow, L. F., Courtois, E. T., Tan, Y., Viswanathan, R., Xing, Q., Tan, R. Z., Tan, Daniel S. W., Robson, P., Loh, Y.H., Stephen R Quake, S.R., & Burkholder, W. F. (2016). Single-cell multimodal profiling reveals cellular epigenetic heterogeneity. Nature Methods, 13, 833–836

  • Tan, R. Z., Lai, T., & Chiam, K. H. (2017). The role of apical contractility in determining cell morphology in multilayered epithelial sheets and tubes. Physical Biology, 14(4).

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