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Pavol Zubor

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Comenius University


Pavol Zubor is an Associate Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Research Interest

1. Gene expression profiling in histologically normal breast gland epithelium, breast cancer or breast fibroadenoma tissue from breast cancer/fibroadenoma patients. Research is focused on conditions between surrounding tissue and tumor profile in the linkage to the tumor origin using samples microdissected from preoperative core and definitive excisional biopsied tissue, as well. 2. Analysis of genetic loci (polymorphic sites or somatic changes/mutations) associated with breast or gynecological cancer risk and biological profile of the disease. 3. Development of sensitive methods for detecting of somatic mutations and epigenetic changes (e.g. methylation) in breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer tissues based on direct DNA sequencing, Taqman assay and high resolution melting analysis. 4. E6/E7 mRNA oncogenesis + other molecular markers expression analysis in women with premalignant and invasive cervical lesions. 5. FISH telomerase expression in cervical premalignant lesions and carcinomas.6. Determination of serum levels of circulating cell-free cancer DNA (cfDNA) and micro RNA.

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