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Adolf Jesih

Inorganic Chemistry and Technology
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Adolf Jesih currently working as an researcher in Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, Jozef Stefan Institute

Research Interest

"Materials Chemistry Chemistry Nanotechnology Inorganic Chemistry Nanomaterials Plasma Chemistry"


  • Svetec DG. Physical and Absorptive Changes in Plasma Treated Viscose Fibres. FIBRES & TEXTILES in Eastern Europe. 2007 Jan;15(5-6):64-5.

  • Klampfer P, Benkič P, VolavÅ¡ek B, Jesih A. Alkali-metal fluoroarsenates (iii) revisited; the As 4 F 13− anion, the crystal structure of CsAs 4 F 13 and Raman spectra of MAs 4 F 13 (M= Cs, Rb). Dalton Transactions. 2003(2):163-4.

  • Klampfer P, Benkič P, Ponikvar M, Rahten A, Lesar A, Jesih A. Synthesis, crystal structure and Raman spectrum of hydrazinium (+ 2) fluoroarsenate (III) fluoride, N2H6AsF4F. Monatshefte für Chemie/Chemical Monthly. 2003 Jan 1;134(1):1-9.

  • Klampfer P, Benkič P, Lesar A, VolavÅ¡ek B, Ponikvar M, Jesih A. New alkali metal and tetramethylammonium tetrafluoroarsenates (III), their vibrational spectra and crystal structure of cesium tetrafluoroarsenate (III). Collection of Czechoslovak chemical communications. 2004;69(2):339-50.

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