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Aljaž Košmerlj

Department of Artificial Intelligence
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Aljaž Košmerlj is currently working as a researcher in the Department of Department of Artificial Intelligence , Jozef Stefan Institute , Slovenia. He/she is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. He/ She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities.  

Research Interest

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining  


  • KoÅ¡merlj A. Constructing survival curves from censored data with machine learning methods.

  • KOÅ MERLJ A, Bratko I, ŽABKAR J. Embodied concept discovery through qualitative action models. International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems. 2011 Jun;19(03):453-75.

  • Belyaeva E, KoÅ¡merlj A, Muhič A, Rupnik J, Fuart F. Using semantic data to improve cross-lingual linking of article clusters. Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web. 2015 Dec 31;35:64-70.

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