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Danilo Suvorov

Jozef Stefan Institute


Prof. Suvorov's activity reflects broad and productive scholarship in ceramic science and technology. He is among the most recognised experts in the field of electronic ceramics. D. Suvorov authored or co-authored more then 200 refereed publications in journals and proceedings and is co-editor of four books - proceedings. He has presented papers (more than 200) and invited lectures (over 100) and visited several laboratories in various European countries, USA, Brazil and Japan, South Korea and China. His work has been citated more than 1600 times and current H index is 25.

Research Interest

"Prof. Danilo Suvorov’s principal interests include investigation of the high temperture reactions, synthesis of electronic ceramics, studies of phase relations and reaction mechanisms in ceramic systems and synthesis of glasses. His work is currently focussing on development of electronic ceramics with insulating properties such as capacitors, microwave ceramics and tunable ceramics as well as those with semiconducting properties and LTCC technology. However, he is active in other ceramic research fields, such as glass and mineral wool. In the glass area, his study is concerned with crystallization of glass. In these areas he is using different powder preparation methods in order to achieve dense and homogenous ceramic with desired electrical properties. Most frequently he has used modern analytical methods such as x-ray, SEM (with EDAX, EDS and WDS) and TEM, for his investigantions. In the last period he has also used more advanced tecniques such as EXAFS and high resolution neutron diffraction. He's outstanding contribution to ceramic science and technology is not limited to functional ceramics. In selecting the areas of fundamental research, he is motivated by development needs for industrial production. He proved himself as able and resourcefull researcher and a responsible leader of numerous industry-financed projects with Slovene and foreign industrial partners. In the last 20 years he was a principal investigator in more then 40 R&D project which resulted in several newly developed materials and technologies. Together with co-authors he has published more than 250 technical reports (mainly in Slovenian language) and holds 19 international and 3 Slovenian patents and several technical innovations."


  • Belous A, Ovchar O, Durilin D, Krzmanc MM, Valant M, Suvorov D. High‐Q Microwave Dielectric Materials Based on the Spinel Mg2TiO4. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 2006 Nov 1;89(11):3441-5.

  • Valant M, Suvorov D. Processing and dielectric properties of sillenite compounds Bi12MO20− δ (M= Si, Ge, Ti, Pb, Mn, B1/2P1/2). Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 2001 Dec 1;84(12):2900-4.

  • Valant M, Suvorov D. Chemical Compatibility between Silver Electrodes and Low‐Firing Binary‐Oxide Compounds: Conceptual Study. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 2000 Nov 1;83(11):2721-9.

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