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Darja Kek Merl

Associate Professor
Department of Thin Films and Surfaces
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Matjaž Panjan has received his PhD in University of Ljubljana during the period of 2010 Currently, he/she is working as Associate Professor in Jožef Stefan Institute University.

Research Interest

Physics, Spectroscopy


  • Panjan M, Anders A. Plasma potential of a moving ionization zone in DC magnetron sputtering. Journal of Applied Physics. 2017 Feb 14;121(6):063302.

  • Panjan M, Loquai S, Klemberg-Sapieha JE, Martinu L. Non-uniform plasma distribution in dc magnetron sputtering: origin, shape and structuring of spokes. Plasma Sources Science and Technology. 2015 Oct 27;24(6):065010.

  • Panjan M, Čekada M, Panjan P, Peterman T. Computer Simulation of Multilayer Structure of TiAlN/CrN Coatings. Plasma Processes and Polymers. 2007 Apr 1;4(S1).

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