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Evgeny Goreshnik

Inorganic Chemistry and Technology
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Evgeny Goreshnik currently working as an researcher in Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology, Jozef Stefan Institute

Research Interest

Inorganic Chemistry


  • Nikitina VM, Nesterova OV, Kokozay VN, Goreshnik EA, Jezierska J. The first heterometallic Cu (II)/Cr (III) complex with an open-chain Schiff-base ligand self-assembled from copper powder, Reineckes salt, ethylendiamine and acetone. Polyhedron. 2008 Aug 4;27(11):2426-30.

  • Kuhs WF, Genov G, Goreshnik E, Zeller A, Techmer KS, Bohrmann G. The impact of porous microstructures of gas hydrates on their macroscopic properties. International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering. 2004 Dec 1;14(04).

  • Genov G, Kuhs WF, Staykova DK, Goreshnik E, Salamatin AN. Experimental studies on the formation of porous gas hydrates. American Mineralogist. 2004 Aug 1;89(8-9):1228-39.

  • Klapproth A, Goreshnik E, Staykova D, Klein H, Kuhs WF. Structural studies of gas hydrates. Canadian journal of physics. 2003 Jan 1;81(1-2):503-18.

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