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Igor Mozetič

Department of Knowledge Technologies
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Igor Mozetič is currently working as a Researcher in the Department of Department of Knowledge Technologies, Jozef Stefan Institute , Slovenia. He/she is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. He/ She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities.  

Research Interest

Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining  


  • Mozetič I. Hierarchical model-based diagnosis. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies. 1991 Sep 1;35(3):329-62.

  • Michalski RS, Mozetic I, Hong J, Lavrac N. The multi-purpose incremental learning system AQ15 and its testing application to three medical domains. Proc. AAAI 1986. 1986:1-041.

  • Bratko I, Mozetič I, Lavrač N. KARDIO: a study in deep and qualitative knowledge for expert systems. MIT Press; 1990 Jan 3.

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