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Ingrid MiloŠev

Physical and Organic Chemistry
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. INGRID MILOŠEV, Ph. D. in chemistry, 1993 University of Ljubljana. She received Pregl Award of the National Institute of Chemistry for Exceptional Achievements in 2016

Research Interest



  • Milošev I, Pišot V, Campbell P. Serum levels of cobalt and chromium in patients with Sikomet metal–metal total hip replacements. Journal of orthopaedic research. 2005 May 1;23(3):526-35.

  • Finšgara M, Milošev I, Pihlar B. Inhibition of Copper Corrosion Studied by Electrochemical and EQCN Techniques. Acta Chimica Slovenica. 2007 Sep 1;54(3).

  • Milošev I, Trebše R, Kovac S, Cör A, Pišot V. Survivorship and retrieval analysis of Sikomet metal-on-metal total hip replacements at a mean of seven years. JBJS. 2006 Jun 1;88(6):1173-82.

  • Milošev I, Strehblow HH. The behavior of stainless steels in physiological solution containing complexing agent studied by X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A. 2000 Nov 1;52(2):404-12.

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