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Janko Petrovčič

Department of Systems and Control
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Janko Petrovčič is currently working as a Researhcer in the Department of Department of Systems and Control, Jozef Stefan Institute , Slovenia. He/she is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. He/ She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities.

Research Interest

"process control engineering process control algorithms industrial diagnostic signal acquisition electronic design hardware support of basic research activities at the department"  


  • Jovan V, Perne M, Petrovčič J. An assessment of the energetic flows in a commercial PEM fuel-cell system. Energy Conversion and Management. 2010 Dec 31;51(12):2467-72.

  • Tinta D, Petrovčič J, Benko U, Juričić Đ, Rakar A, Žele M, Tavčar J, Rejec J, Stefanovska A. Fault diagnosis of vacuum cleaner motors. Control engineering practice. 2005 Feb 28;13(2):177-87.

  • Gerbec M, Jovan V, Petrovčič J. Operational and safety analyses of a commercial PEMFC system. international journal of hydrogen energy. 2008 Aug 31;33(15):4147-60.

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