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Kristina Zuzek Rozman

senior scientist
Department of Nanostructured Materials
Jozef Stefan Institute


Asst. Prof. Kristina Zuzek Rozman, working as a scientist in Department of Nanostructured Materials, Jozef Stefan

Research Interest

Chemical and electrochemical synthesis of nanostructured hard magnetic and hybrid nanomaterials for applications: - in energy harvesting (permanent magnets, NdFeB, SmCo), medicine (theragnostic, FePt/Au) and environmental sensing (Ni). - recycling strategies of critical raw materials (NdFeB, SmCo) Advanced characterisation of magnetic nanostructures (AFM/MFM)


  • Arshad MS, Šturm S, Zavašnik J, Espejo AP, Escrig J, Komelj M, McGuiness PJ, Kobe S, Rožman KŽ. Effect of magnetocrystalline anisotropy on the magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co–Pt nanowires. Journal of nanoparticle research. 2014 Nov 1;16(11):2688.

  • Kostevšek N, Rožman KŽ, Pečko D, Pihlar B, Kobe S. A comparative study of the electrochemical deposition kinetics of iron-palladium alloys on a flat electrode and in a porous alumina template. Electrochimica Acta. 2014 Apr 10;125:320-9.

  • Soderžnik M, Rožman KŽ, Kobe S, McGuiness P. The grain-boundary diffusion process in Nd–Fe–B sintered magnets based on the electrophoretic deposition of DyF 3. Intermetallics. 2012 Apr 30;23:158-62.

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