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Matija MilaniČ

Jozef Stefan Institute


DR. MATIJA MILANIČ working as Researcher in Department of COMPLEX MATTER, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.

Research Interest

Complex matter, Physics


  • Majaron B, Milanič M. Effective infrared absorption coefficient for photothermal radiometric measurements in biological tissues. Physics in medicine and biology. 2007 Dec 19;53(1):255.

  • Milanič M, Jia W, Nelson JS, Majaron B. Numerical optimization of sequential cryogen spray cooling and laser irradiation for improved therapy of port wine stain. Lasers in surgery and medicine. 2011 Feb 1;43(2):164-75.

  • Milanič M, Serša I, Majaron B. A spectrally composite reconstruction approach for improved resolution of pulsed photothermal temperature profiling in water-based samples. Physics in medicine and biology. 2009 Apr 15;54(9):2829.

  • Milanič M, Majaron B. Three-dimensional Monte Carlo model of pulsed-laser treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions. Journal of biomedical optics. 2011 Dec 1;16(12):128002-12.

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