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Matjaž Spreitzer

Jozef Stefan Institute


Matjaž Spreitzer, working as an Assistant professor in Advanced Materials Department, Jozef Stefan Institute. Doctor of Chemical Technology: Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Advanced Materials Department, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Research Interest

Pulsed laser deposition of oxide thin films (Sr/SrO/STO on Si, ANT on Al2O3, interface and growth studies using RHEED, XPS, TPD) - Piezoelectric ceramics and thin films (NBT, PMN-PT) - XRD of thin films (GI, XRR, rocking curves, RSM) - Electrical characterization (dielectric, ferroelectric, and tunable measurements)


  • Jovanović S, Spreitzer M, TramsÌŒek M, Trontelj Z, Suvorov D. Effect of oleic acid concentration on the physicochemical properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2014 Jun 13;118(25):13844-56.

  • Spreitzer M, Egoavil R, Verbeeck J, Blank DH, Rijnders G. Pulsed laser deposition of SrTiO 3 on a H-terminated Si substrate. Journal of materials chemistry C. 2013;1(34):5216-22.

  • Spreitzer M, Valant M, Suvorov D. Sodium deficiency in Na 0.5 Bi 0.5 TiO 3. Journal of Materials Chemistry. 2007;17(2):185-92.

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